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03/26/2015 Job Call Results


Paynecrest Electric Call went to book 2 #270.

Baxter Kenworthy Call went unfilled.  0 out of 2 filled.  Job remains open until 4:30pm

Electric Company of Omaha Call went Unfilled.  0 out of 4 filled.  Job remains open until 4:30pm

Commonwealth Electric Call went Unfilled.  0 out of 4 filled.  Job remains open until 4:30pm

Capitol City Electric-Greater Nebraska Call went Unfilled.  0 out of 2 filled.  Job remains open until 4:30pm








To receive text messages about your job call bid results, add your cell phone number under My Accounts --> Account Settings. 






Please read the following information about our referral procedures carefully.

Getting Started


• You must be on the out-of-work list and log-in to bid job calls from this site. Use the Login button on the upper right of this page

• This is not a call-in bid system! No phone bids will be taken or applied

• There is an email feature to recover your password 24 hours a day. We can also assist you with your login information during office hours


Signing the Book


• All initial sign-ins for the out-of-work list must be made in person during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM) at the Local Union Office. Our address is 8946 L Street Omaha NE 68127

• All applicants must have a username and password to use the system. Visitors can use the computer kiosk in the Local Union Office Lobby to create a username and password

• Once a user account is created, speak with a representative at the window to show any necessary credentials and complete the registration

• Applicants will be placed in the highest group/book for which they qualify

• If you were previously employed by a Signatory Contractor in Local 22's jurisdiction, you must have a separation notice to register on the out-of-work list and/or bid upcoming job calls

• All applicants will be required to log-in to use the online bid system. If you need help getting logged in, the office staff will be able to assist you

• It is your responsibility to maintain your log-in information


Bidding and Taking Job Calls


• Job calls for the next business day are posted at 4:30 PM on the Recorder (402-331-8452), the Local 22 Job Calls Website, the Local 22 Mobile App, Facebook, and Twitter

• Applicants who are registered on the out-of-work list may log in and bid for jobs that they qualify for. If multiple jobs are bid, the applicant must select a priority order

• Applicants may view and/or amend their bid at any time up to the 8:25 AM job call cutoff

• The job call system will run at 8:30 AM on the day of the call

• Applicants can review the status of their bid on the My Accounts --> Bid History page to see if they got the call

• Applicants who are selected for employment will also be given instructions via email and/or text message to report to the hall the following business day at 10:00 AM to complete their referral

• Every applicant who places a bid will be notified whether or not they got the call

• Job call results will also be posted in the lobby immediately following the call


• Any applicant who bids a call and is selected for employment and does not complete the referral process will be removed from the out-of-work list and must register again, in person, to be added back on the out-of-work list


Resign Procedures


• Each applicant on the out-of-work list for any group/book must resign monthly to maintain their position

• Resigns must be received in the Local Union Office between the 10th and 16th of each month (midnight to midnight)

• Resigns may be submitted in person at the Hall, by regular mail, fax, email, Local 22 Jobcalls Website, or the Local 22 Mobile App

• Failure to resign during the monthly resign period will result in being removed from the out-of-work list and you will need to re-register, in person, to be added back on the out-of-work list

• In the event that an employee is referred and then laid-off because of a Reduction of Force (ROF) within 14 calendar days, that person will regain their position on the out-of-work list. If the worker quits or is fired for cause, they will lose their position and must re-register to be added back on the out-of-work list




• If a call is not filled within any book, the first twenty-five (25) names of that book who were available for referral when work was offered will be considered a turn-down and will receive a ding

• Applicants will be allowed two turn-downs without penalty

• After the third turn-down, the applicant will be rolled to the bottom of the book where they were registered

• Rejection of an applicant by an employer will not be considered a turn down

• If the job calls are filled within a book, no dings will be given to anyone in that book

• Passing a specialty call (ie, service truck, cable splicers, welders, etc.) and short calls will not count as a turn-down




An applicant may request an exemption if they become ill, are injured, on jury duty, on Family Medical Leave, or called for military service and it can be documented by a physician or government official. The applicant requesting leave must be registered on the out-of-work list and must notify the Business Manager in writing. The applicant on leave will retain their position as long as they are covered by documentation verifying their inability to be employed. While exempt, the applicant must continue to resign monthly.

Applicants may exempt their name from the out-of-work list for personal reasons not related to the above. Applicants who are exempt will not be offered job calls or be charged with a turn-down during this exempt period. This only applies to available referral positions one through twenty-five.


Applicants wishing to declare themselves exempt must:

1. Notify the Business Manager in writing (regular mail, fax, email) or in person before job calls - No phone calls

2. Exemptions must be made in five day increments (two five day periods or one 10 day period within one calendar year.)

3. If an applicant requests a period of time to be exempt, they must remain exempt for that period of time. (No early returns. No exceptions.)

4. If the Applicant has turn-downs listed before their exemption request, the "dings" will remain after the exemption is over

5. An applicant will still be responsible for the monthly resign during their exemption period